A Curious Mind




.In “Survivor Personality” one coveted trait is a curious mind.

Curious minds did not give up easily in harsh environments like prisoners of war or concentration camps.


Giving up mentally ended in death quickly. The rugby team stuck in the Andes, survived because of one curious, strong-willed mind who would not give up.


One Vietnam prisoner built a house in his head and on paper. He detailed his materials down to the last nail.

Facing constant hunger one prisoner made elaborate recipes with exquisite desserts.

A curious mind is also helpful in daily life.

At 67, my thirst for wisdom increases as my body declines.

I think it keeps me young and gracious for my every breath.


PTSD, depression or chronic pain can not dull my passion for living.

I have purpose, more than enough challenges and the focus to enjoy this present moment.

Are you missing anything?

2 responses to this post.

  1. For me slipping into curious mindset has been probably the most effective way to ground myself in the present moment.

  2. Being curios helps me direct my mind and that is a healthy, positive way to focus the mind

    For me anyway

    A curious mind is gentler, more open and receptive

    That is the opposite of depression and ptsd

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