Dissolve your problems: “Breath to Breath”



If you’ve sat with the breath for even a few minutes, you’ve seen that this practice is an open invitation for everything inside you to come up.


You see your wild mind, which we all have, and which can be quite overwhelming at first. 


It has been there all along, of course, but this concentration has brought it into relief.


The ultimate goal—though this is no easy thing and takes time to develop—is to allow everything to come up, with all its energy: 


all of, for instance, your anger and loneliness and despair, to allow these things to arise and be transformed by the light of awareness. 


There is tremendous energy in these states, and much of the time we suppress them, so that we not only lose all the energy that is in them but also expend a great deal keeping them down. 


What we gradually learn is to let these things come up and be transformed, to release their energy. 


You don’t solve your problems in this practice, it is sometimes said, you dissolve them. 


But the wild mind that we all confront when we start discourages many practitioners. 



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