Updated: Visualize your “Ego” as a ventriloquist Dummy


Think of how our mind is constructed. One of the most complex organs ever found, capable of tremendous achievement or extreme suffering.


One of the parts we invent has no origin or real existence. Yes, it is the “Ego”. Search every part of your mind and an ego can not be found.


Yes, we invent this “Ego” for identity, I, me, mine! Identity is its purpose. Nothing more.


Think of your “Ego” as a ventriloquist dummy. We give that damn puppet power and life, not command of our being.


That dummy runs a good part of our life unfortunately.


The Dummy is the one who feels resentment, judges constantly, and feels unworthy. The “Ego” is never equal to another “Ego”. He/She judges itself superior or inferior to all “Ego’s” it encounters.


Here in lies the rub, we never feel complete when the “Ego” is in control.


That means happiness is impossible.


One day I was having a conversation with a friend and he said something upsetting. My response to him was, my “Ego” is pissed at you.


Finally I had isolated my “Ego’s” needs and emotion in a real encounter. I could see “I” disagreed with my “Ego”. I had a choice for the first time.


Just because my “Ego” was pissed meant nothing unless I agreed.


Our “Ego” covets total control. This leads to suffering and loss.


Is your dummy controlling your life?


The “Ego” is dormant during meditation, also the time when our happy emotions, contained in the left prefrontal cortex light up.

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  2. a dummy
    is about
    right :-()

  3. Posted by Lotus Lady MN on April 8, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Have you heard of the concept of Greater Ego and Lesser Ego? It’s a Buddhist Concept.

  4. Yes I have. Thanks for the input.

    I was surprised when I found out Buddhist do not have a word for emotions.

  5. Posted by Lotus Lady MN on April 10, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    What do think is the significance of that–that is, no word for emotions?

  6. Emotions are fleeting, ephemeral and transparent. They can last a few seconds or longer but they come and go and do not define us

    Buddhist believe being in this moment aware, focused and mind empty is

    How many emotions have you experienced in the last hour?

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