Anger: part two, 2

The prefrontal cortex shuts down when we are angry. Anger then, should be used only when a real threat is present.

Anger is jet fuel for trauma (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders.

Get real angry and watch your hypervigilance, panic attacks, avoidance and dissociation increase to frightening levels. Watch your fight of flight mechanism fire with full force when you are angry.

We fear being vulnerable. Anger feels powerful, vulnerable does not.


Guess which one is better for us?

Expressing our anger is a choice.

In the right circumstance anger can save our life or people around us.

Most of the time our anger is connected to feelings of being hurt, marginalized, overlooked, targeted, mistreated or vulnerable. Anger isn’t just an emotion, it’s a constellation of emotions.

I have explored my anger, followed it back to my childhood abuse. Anger remained stuck in my childhood and scared the hell out of me.

Mastery of emotions is beyond my skill level, however I express my anger very rarely now.

Where I place my attention each day decides my attitude, my fate.

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