A follower who has practiced meditation writes me with concerns

My emotions…😥😪😭 rejection, fear, anger, sorrow, loneliness, loss, worthlessness, deception, physical pain, almost more than I can handle. I don’t feel I’m functioning, but simply going through the motions. I want my mindfulness practice back so badly, but have yet to find the energy or motivation to get there.


My feelings…tightness in my throat, burning tears, rapid heartbeat, fingers numb and tingling, severe pain between my shoulder blades, tiredness”.
My two cents: We get lost in our thoughts while surfing our past or projecting into the future.

The emotions described started with thoughts, negative and judgmental, then emotions attached to them.

The emotions power the thoughts. Fear, resentment, worthlessness can grow to enormous size.


Our “Ego” loses power if we let these thoughts and emotions go.

That resistance, that lack of motivation and energy, is the “Ego” grasping for control.

Our “Ego” is in control when we honor these thoughts and emotions.

We gain control when we are present and empty of these thoughts and emotions.


Very simple solution but not easy to implement.


Use aerobic exercise to fuel your spirit.

We have to take action.

Whatever it takes, we must move to get better.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Sometimes I struggle with meditation too. There are some moods I just can’t do it right, but when I am able to do it well, it really feels good.

  2. I think you share how hard meditation can be.

    Try focusing on five breaths. Keep it simple. The more we practice when we are receptive the easier meditation gets.

    When I created and used a visual model of my breath, meditation became much easier.

    I knew what to focus on when I closed my eyes.

    Basic simplicity is: inhale, pause, exhale pause, then add listening for our heartbeat or sound of our inhales and exhales.


    I have seen better results starting out with short meditation sits. One minute or a couple.

    We are training the mind to slow down empty and focus that’s all.

    Try aerobic exercise when your mood is acting up. Exhaust yourself then relax and sit

    Good luck

  3. Most of the time I can meditate. If I am having hypermanic episodes though, it is almost impossible. One of the fun parts of bipolar type 2 lol.

  4. I understand

    It is good you can meditate at times

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