The power of the Mind



Nando Parrado: excerpt from a speech;

“I walked them through all the important moments of the ordeal so that they experienced it all just as I had, the wild grief I felt when Susy died, the terror when we heard that the search had been canceled, and the horror of chewing the flesh of our dead friends.


I placed them with us inside the fuselage on the night of the avalanche and in the grim days that followed.


I led them up the mountain and showed them the devastating view from the summit, then I took them with Roberto and me on the trek, which we were certain would lead us to our deaths.

I didn’t say a word about creativity or teamwork or problem solving.


I didn’t mention the word success.


Instead, I shared with them what I suddenly realized was the true lesson of my ordeal:


It wasn’t cleverness or courage or any kind of competence or savvy that saved us, it was nothing more than love, our love for each other, for our families, for the lives we wanted so desperately to live.


Our suffering in the Andes had swept away everything trivial and unimportant.


Each of us realized, with a clarity that is hard to describe, that the only crucial thing in life is the chance to love and be loved.


In our families, in our futures, we already had everything we needed. The sixteen of us who were lucky enough to return to our lives will never forget this.


No one should forget this.”



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vic Hariton on March 20, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Sounds powerful. I just ordered the audio book. Thanks!

  2. Another book, Survivor Personality uses events like this and the death camp, the Bataan death march to detail certain traits survivors possess.

    Staying in the present moment, vivid curious mind, a close group dynamic, courage to resist fears and take action.

    The human will can do incredible things when focused properly

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