Our Reactions

Makoto Kuranoyashi

Think of our reaction to the first sense of feeling uncomfortable, pain, loss, sadness or embarrassment.


We try to avoid, deny or stop these feelings as quick as possible.


It is this judgment that brings suffering.

We feel uncomfortable is wrong, damaging or maybe brings loss to our being.


It does not. It is part of life.


Happiness is not a state (place) where uncomfortable, pain or sadness is absent?


Our reaction to external stimuli does the damage.


The feelings do not matter.


If we could sit quietly with a curious mind and feel the body sensations, a shift can occur.


These feelings can dissipate with the proper attitude and practice.


Feeling awkward grows when we try to avoid or quash it.


Accepting the awkwardness as an invitation to explore the inner world changes life.

It frees us to be present and live fully.


We have to accept the uncomfortable directly.


As always we face our judgments and then free ourselves.


Takes small daily action to change things.

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