Small specific things reap big benefits

In my mindfulness group, we are observing emotions, feelings and body sensations

Thoughts, anxiety, pain and fear, are the issues that face all of us in group, in one form or another.

The challenge for the week was to observe emotions each day.

They were instructed to bring a pleasant curiosity to their pain, emotions or negative thoughts each day.

I asked, if they could observe an emotion, a body sensation or a feeling?

I hoped they would pick a negative emotion, anger, jealousy, resentment, anxiety or fear.

We realize our power when our focus gobbles up anxiety or fear.

Emotions can last only a second or two if we refuse to give them attention.

This small step brings change.


We realize emotions may be fleeting, ephemeral and transparent.

We can discount negative emotions and just come back to the present moment, aware, alive and accepting.

These small accomplishments lead to massive change in our lives.

Look how much time we spend thinking, worrying, doubting, fearing, stressed out about “what if” .

“What ifs” don’t exist in this present moment, focused and aware.

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