Tools to improve life

For me, awareness brings a much needed scan of my body first, then my mind.

What is the condition of my body.? Lately it is tense and anxious.

With awareness, I feel the tenseness around my neck and solar plexus. My breath is shallow and choppy.  My mood anxious.

This is the opposite of wellbeing.


My thoughts follow how my body feels, I have observed many times in the past.

Relief comes when I sit quietly and focus inward.

First I slow my breath with focus, then take my breath to all the problem areas.

We observe, not judge what we sense!

Accepting my condition is next.

In this moment, right now, I am fine, relaxed and accepting of myself. I approve of me.


That may seem obvious to most but those of us abused as kids, it is a foreign idea.

It still amazes me how life shifts when we let all that noise go.


Being mindful is incredibly simple.

This simplicity brings clarity and relief.


It is free, no charge to self soothe your being.

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