Healing and happiness have a direction

On my journey, suffering linked up with avoidance, denial and negative judgments.


Wellbeing was a path aimed directly at my fears.


Whether it was chronic pain, PTSD, depression or fear, one path enhances suffering, the other wellbeing.


Improvement came when I found an exquisite tool, safe, secure, private and powerful, mindfulness.


In a quiet setting, slowing my breath, strengthening my focus, allowed me to explore my fears and my inner world.


Wisdom arrived telling me to evaluate my strengths and adapt my tools to incorporate them.

I realized the need to win or be successful was not the road to wellbeing. My father demanded perfection so winning meant everything to him.

Being criticized and beat constantly as a child developed an enormous need for approval.


This need consumed my behavior but bought no satisfaction, no peace of mind and no secure feelings.


Approval is very fickle, external and out of our control.


One day you may bask in it, the next it can morph into criticism.

Took a while to discover wellbeing was an internal way of living, being.

I needed a sense of acceptance and approval of myself to challenge my fears and disorders.

Life is still hard and issues arrive even after facing my fears.

The difference is enormous.

I am not a victim, not helpless or hopeless, I am perfect as my true self and worthy of happiness.

Never give up, never give in.

Fight for your wellbeing!

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