My goal meditating: a mind focused and empty of thought

My goal is to build focus on the breath, strong enough, so thoughts clear and my mind is empty. An exploration of my inner world is possible from this space.

If my mind is filled with thoughts, I am not meditating, more like thought daydreaming.

When I first started a mindfulness practice, thoughts filled my sets. It took time, dedication and a daily practice to reach no-thought.

It took a very specific, intense focus to let my thoughts clear.

This is the challenge to train the mind,  slowing it down and emptying itself of thought.

I will always have some of the reported 60,000 thoughts that cross my path daily.


My goal is not perfection, or the elimination of thought.


My goal is to establish a silent space, focused and secure, available when things go sideways.


Once an empty mind is reached, work on many issues and applications can commence.

All the magic happens when my mind is focused, empty of thought.


It takes practice and dedication to reach empty.


It is extremely simple but very difficult for most people.

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