Thoughts: Let’s be Prepared!

Of the 60,000 thoughts that cross our consciousness daily, nearly all are unknown to anyone but us. Without our attention and then sharing with others these thoughts do not exist.

These thoughts have the power to haunt us, to power depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders.

Lost in thought our fears can grow to monstrous levels inside our brains.
Thoughts can stop us from taking action, from living fully or sentence us to a lifetime of suffering.

Thoughts are just air, transparent and harmless without attention, the power we bestow upon them.


Meditation/Mindfulness is a focus practice that allows us to let the 60,000 thoughts pass on through unnoticed.


A seasoned meditator trains his/her mind to stay in the present moment, observing without judgment what our senses perceive.


It takes the wisdom to know nothing more exists at this moment, as mundane as most moments of life currently unfold.


My recommendation is to have a plan when negativity arrives from these bombardments of endless thought.


Have a list of countermeasures:

An affirmation, “In this moment, right now, I accept all of me. Insert this sentence in place of any negative thought. Thoughts need time in our consciousness to influence our behavior.  The longer we spend lost in thought the more powerful they become.


Refuse to entertain any of these thoughts.

A gratitude list to say out loud. I am grateful for my health, my opportunity to heal, the air we breathe, nature, sustenance, friends, my ability to give and have compassion, etc.


A giving list of those we help. Review the ways you help others in need, the way you volunteer and bring kindness to those you meet. The small gifts of a smile and kind words.


Action list we undertake to keep busy. Could be aerobic exercise, gardening, or a daily chore. My kitchen has been under repair for a week. No water with three little kids has been a pain in the ass.

My thought was the gratitude I have for running water, that I took for granted until now. A negative can be a positive when looked at through giving and gratitude.


Life is not easy, let your actions determine who you are, not your thoughts. Be prepared.

2 responses to this post.

  1. a lots
    going on, there!
    oh, reminders
    of alleys
    in Japan 🙂

  2. Bombarded by thoughts is the norm

    Our ability to think is a small,
    Minuscule compared to the expansive, creative side

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