Do your mistakes (losses) consume you?


Example: Many accomplished athletes, multimillionaires, are haunted by their losses, perceived failures. Even if the wins far outweigh the losses, the losses seem to always sting.


“Ego” plays a pivotal role in this behavior.


We do not understand life is a journey, not a goal. An achievement, a prize has nothing to do with happiness (wellbeing).


A mistake, a loss brings disappointment, maybe failure if we so judge.


Why do our mistakes distract us?


Why do our mistakes bring such harsh, personal judgments?


How can one mistake consume so many wins (accomplishments)?


We are perfect at our core (soul), however the physical body has flaws, makes mistakes, ages and dies.


We waste many days of our life worrying about our past mistakes and future embarrassments.


If I am painting, building, writing or competing is my goal perfection?


Best not undertake a task needing perfection.


How will I handle a mistake if perfection is the Goal?


Easy to see as we step back, that this is a losing proposition.


Maybe we need a goal that resembles a life of wellbeing.


Undertaking a challenge that takes discipline, courage and effort does not need adulation or a trophy. The journey of giving our complete effort is the prize.


Not judging the result allows us to enjoy life.


Fulfillment does not come from trophies but by living free during the journey.


Give all out effort, then relax and smile.

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