Acceptance, a constant challenge

We need to accept everything about ourselves right now, right here. This is a constant battle or challenge for us.


Just contemplate that for a second, depression and anxiety would never get a foothold.


Our created “Ego” (I, me, mine) is the one who worries, doubts, feels guilty or unworthy.


In this moment, right now, where ever we are, that is all that exists.

Yesterday in group, I shared that thought. Even as mundane as it seemed, sitting around a table meditating, was all that existed on this earth for the group.


If you believed that, there would no reason to be depressed.


Jealousy, envy, resentment, anger or revenge would die a quick death.

The mind is extremely complex but trained or programmed in the simplest of actions.


Focused on the breath, we are ever-present and aware, empty of thought.


The mind works best going slow, empty of thought, focused intently, an excellent observer.

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