Ways we Connect to our creative, expansive, intuitive side!



At our core, we are completely worthy, free of doubt, ever-present and vividly alive. This is our creative, expansive, intuitive side.



An example: Hitting a baseball; From release of the pitch until it gets to the plate, a 95-mile-an-hour fastball is around 425-450 milliseconds.


In an experiment, when batters started getting the pitches wrong, they were using the frontal parts of their brain too much. The frontal parts of the brain are mostly involved in deliberate decision-making.


And when they get involved, they slow down the speed of your decisions.



And when you’re up at the plate and you’re facing a 95-mile-an-hour fastball and you’ve got tens of milliseconds really to decide on whether you want to hit this thing or not, that’s where that deliberate thinking is a problem.



When we are triggered, flooded with cortisol and adrenaline, confused, terrified, thinking, making decisions becomes near impossible.



A batter, clears the mind and trusts his/her instinct. A concert pianist does not think during a performance. Habit has entered the memory of the body and flows when we this space.



Maybe when you garden, or paint or go into nature or push yourself past exhaustion (runners high) you get a brief feeling like this.


Another way of reaching this space is meditation.



We can reach this kind of natural state of heightened awareness with daily practice (20 minutes a day).

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