Mindfulness Self-Inquiry: “Living with the Heart Wide Open”


We can learn to be suspicious of particular thoughts, such as most judgmental and repetitive thoughts and any self-hating thoughts.



There’s wisdom in suspecting that something is amiss in this kind of thinking.


It can lead to investigations and discoveries about how you color your world and how you make yourself miserable or happy through the filter of your thoughts.



This type of investigation can help you see what is real and what isn’t, and what thoughts to believe or not.



When you don’t automatically believe all of your thoughts, they’ll lose their power to shape a faulty sense of self.


Mindful self-inquiry is a practice that can help you investigate anything, including the pain of old wounds, as well as other unpleasant thoughts and stories that create suffering.



Because unworthiness is a kind of trance that obstructs clear seeing, self-inquiry can be useful in drawing back the veil and seeing the unconscious reactions that perpetuate the cycle of pain and suffering.



It involves looking deeply and unflinchingly into your wounded heart in order to see things more objectively—without judgment and without avoidance.



This work involves tenderness and a friendly kind of curiosity.

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