PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety

What behavior makes it worse and what helps improve our condition.


First, we must realize that our trauma thoughts are irrational. No real danger exists from past trauma.

Second, dissociation is the one behavior that controls our destiny!


Leaving this present moment to ruminate in past trauma or projecting worry into the future is jet fuel for PTSD, depression and many other disorders.


We can spend days ruminating in trauma thought, trying to figure out how to make it stop or avoid it all together.


Each time we handle our trauma or trauma thoughts without integrating them, PTSD grows.



Spending hours or days ruminating gives PTSD tremendous power and energy.



Dissociation can become habit.


Healing will not happen until we break our incessant need to think and avoid.


Takes daily action to make our tools (mindfulness, affirmations, aerobic exercise, meditation, taking calculated chances, therapy) habit.

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