PTSD impacts all of us Differently!!!

PTSD impacts individuals differently. People can experience the same trauma, some will get PTSD and others will not be impacted long-term.


Some will develop PTSD immediately while others may live unaware for decades until another stressor activates that dormant trauma.


PTSD has a different effect on different people. We all suffer in the early stages of this disorder. After we figure out that we have PTSD, a search for a cure proceeds.


We suffer more when we engage in certain behaviors. We suffer less when we engage in different behaviors.

Dissociation is the lynchpin. Dissociation is leaving the present moment to enter our past or future thought patterns we habitually live.


The choice then is dissociation, grasping the storyline, judging or staying present, focusing, observing our body sensations.


Hyper-vigilance increases exponentially when we dissociate into what ifs and judgment. Avoidance becomes easier when we get lost in thought and judgment.


We journey farther and farther away from reality and down the trauma hole.


We avoid future triggers, perceived danger, narrowing our life until we end up agoraphobic.


We can learn to live and enjoy life in spite of this disorder.


We have to build certain daily skills to accomplishment this.


To stay present when a trigger explodes takes strong focus and courage from daily practice.


Work on dissociation and improve your life tremendously.


The opposite of dissociation is a mindful existence. We are ever present, observing what our eyes see, ears hear, hands touch, nose smells and mouth tastes without judgment.


Letting the noise pass on through is key.

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