Let’s take a look at Thanksgiving

I try to look at this as a day of gratitude. Counting my blessings but keenly aware of the increased suffering of the masses.


Growing up for me, one parent could work, one could stay home and be financially safe. Maslow hierarchy of needs were taken care of. Life was simpler, easier it seemed.



I see more people suffering now, than any point in my life. The homeless situation is at epic levels. Not just drug addicts, bums and mentally ill but whole families beg on street corners. Our happiness in a spiritual sense is tied to the happiness of our downtrodden.



22 vets commit suicide everyday for last two years without much trepidation. We would never take 22 battlefield deaths a day for more than a week in our current so called wars. Peak incidence for PTSD in a war is two plus decades after war ends. We have never engaged in a war this long or deployed and redeployed troops like this.





Our pharmaceutical companies and doctors helped create an opioid epidemic nationwide without any consequences. They have increased foster children across this country and damaged the fabric of our country for profit. I see no indictments, no consequences except for the poor end-user. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not held responsible for the epidemic they created.




Corporations make double-digit profits with hospitals that may save your life one day, but take your house and everything you own six months later with aggressive debt collectors.


I wish we cared more for the unfortunate, the needy. Look at the amount of money spent on the midterm elections. What a waste. We could feed or give healthcare to the needy instead of political commercials.



In conclusion, we need to give more, care more about others on this journey.  We are not in competition with others but journey together.  All those possessions, all that status and power, evaporate when we die.



what is left is a legacy of helping others or nothing!  Give today and add to your legacy.

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