some small, simple things bring BIG CHANGES


I pay attention when I am herding cats.

Bring awareness to the way you approach life, a situation, a person, a chore, an obstacle, a challenge and feel the enormous change.


Can you enter a task absent of judgment? Can you listen intently to someone, focused on them rather than preparing your response.


Can you slow down your mind. Maybe you can focus on your breath intently and let the mind empty of thought.


The mind wants to go fast and handle complex thought, abstract creations or outrageous fantasies.


The mind responds best to simple, immediate, concrete ideas or tasks.


The mind functions best going slow, empty of thought, open to whatever exists in front of you.


The mind has much greater opportunity to find happy moments when it is going slow, empty of thought.


The mind never experiences happiness when it is in the past or future. It is like life being wasted if we spend all our time there.


If you’re hungry you find a grocery or restaurant, if you’re looking to be happy, you stay present and let the noise pass on through.


Shop for happiness today.


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