Some Ideas before Meditating

The breath has great influence over the nervous system. Think about slowing the breath, extending the exhales, releasing the tensions, and letting go of the noise.


How much can you lower your heart rate, pulse and blood pressure? Are you comfortable trying to slow it down?


How quiet can make your being?


How low a decibel level can you detect. Can you hear your heartbeat or the pulse beneath it? Can you hear your inhales and exhales? Can you pick out the quietest sound in the room, then go beneath it?



Can you place complete focus on your senses.   Breathing, the inhales and exhales, the pauses have far more depth, far more power than you can believe.



Are there smells in the room?  Are they  pleasant or unpleasant, strong or subtle?



Can you feel body sensations, tingling, tensions or agitations?



With eyes closed, what do you see, darkness, light grey or bright white? Some see lights or images. Can you be open to exploring this inner world?



Try to heighten all your senses. Be an observer of all that you can sense, feel.
Picture yourself sitting at the edge of an extremely dry jungle, focused on the breath. Something is headed our way, quiet down inside and listen as far into that jungle as possible. Can you hear the animal approaching?


Picture yourself in a World War Two submarine under attack in the North Atlantic from a destroyer.   Depth charges explode around us, fear, panic and helplessness jolt us.   Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, silence is your only survival tool. Can you focus like your life depends on it?



Can you bring this kind of intense focus to your meditation practice?



With daily practice you can!

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