A Trigger firing, initiates physical and mental consequences


Physical includes, cortisol and adrenaline secreted with BP, heart rate and pulse spiking.    Loss of fine motor skills, loss of hearing and Tunnel vision also influence us.



The Mind dissociates, becomes cloudy, confused, distracted along with time being distorted. Time passes by much too slow or much too fast. The physical symptoms try to warn of a lethal threat, life or death!



PTSD usually forces us to deny, avoid or isolate. We give up fighting it after a few triggers.



Now, the mind ruminates, searches for the cause, the reason, over and over. Sometimes my mind would stay engaged for days, reliving, analyzing, then projecting.


For me the trigger lasted a short time, the intrusive thinking afterwards brought the suffering.



When we become afraid of our triggers, we start trying to control our environment. We avoid situations and people who may trigger us.


Life narrows and our thoughts become more isolated and negative.


Distracted thinking is jet fuel for trauma.


The mind, our cognitive side wants to think its way out or find a safe place to hide.


Fear and anxiety pressure us to run, avoid, deny or freeze.


The key is to limit thinking, to learn to observe life in this present moment.



PTSD is a bluff!!!



Step back, observe and see the mirage stealing your life.

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  1. You summed it up perfectly

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