Let’s navigate a trigger, our fight or flight mechanism.


The fight, flight or freeze mechanism: Tunnel vision, hearing loss, fine motor skills disappear, time is distorted along with blood pressure, heart rate and pulse spike, finally the stimulants cortisol and adrenaline are secreted.


This is what we call fear, mixed with anxiety. How we handle this mechanism decides if PTSD lives or dies.


Build your ability to focus and let go. When a trigger explodes, focus, stay present, feel your body, feel the sensations.


Feel the emotion, let the storyline go.



Focus the breath on your solar plexus, slow the exhales, absorb the tension, the anxiety, the fear.



Our breath controls the nervous system. He/She could be a friend.



It is safe, no danger exists, only our defense mechanism.


We can use our fear for fuel in due time.

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