Do you ever observe the person who judges?

What are the characteristics of the “Ego” you created?



Gender makes quite a difference in “Egos”. A female “Ego” is connected more with the creative side, having a larger connection (Corpus Callosum) between hemispheres.


“Egos” can be worthy or unworthy, depending on external stimulus. Life can be similar to a roller coaster if we become our “Ego”.


A traumatized “Ego” senses more danger, more unworthiness, more turmoil, more fear.  Life is filled with “What ifs”, worry and guilt.


An “Ego” raised in a loving, caring home, feels more worthy, more likely to believe things will turn out ok.  He/She worries less, doubts less and enjoys life much more.


What triggers your “Ego” to anger, to fear, to avoidance, to feeling secure?


Can you focus and let go, then observe the thinker, the one who judges.


With practice you can peel the onion layers back and see the thinker.

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