Updated: A viewer responds: Many connotations for What Meditation is and is not!



Posted by powerfulbeautifulwise:

“Until I found your blog, I’d discounted meditation because I thought of it like you described “a Zen center filled with intellectuals pursuing the abstract awakening or enlightenment goal.” I’m starting with baby steps – breathing in self-acceptance and breathing out regret when difficult memories overwhelm me. By starting small, I don’t feel the judgment that I might be doing it wrong.
In working with people recovering from abusive relationships, I’ve also wondered why some are willing to invest in the hard work while others continue to suffer. I’ve concluded that suffering does bring some payout. Until I bottomed out, I took some pride in my ability to suffer. I try to understand that someone trapped in suffering is getting some reward from it. Western society has been elevating the victim status, which may explain one of the rewards.
Thanks for your post. You’ve helped me sort out some thoughts.”

my two cents:

Mindfulness/Meditation at the Zen center has a much different goal than a therapeutic approach, a scientific endeavor. They sit for two 30 minutes periods separated by a three-minute walking meditation. Awakening is an abstract concept that we now know takes an average of 44,000 hours of practice combined with long retreats.


Daily Mindfulness/Meditation practice for us is very simple, very short and very powerful. I would recommend letting all judgment about meditating the right or wrong way alone. If you use my model, you know exactly what to do when you close your eyes. At first we are focusing on the four parts of the breath cycle, inhale, pause, exhale, pause.



Master five breath sets. Trace my model, eyes open, with your arm out in front of you for a few breaths. Feel the curve of the pauses, the flow of the breath like a sheet of music, a slow, timed performance. This is basic, simple but extremely powerful when developed. Now close your eyes and try five slow breaths. Do this until thoughts fade and your focus solidifies.



Listen for your heartbeat, then see if you can hear your inhales or exhales. Be as quiet as possible. Let the storyline go when it arrives, then feel any body sensation. With practice thoughts will fade easier as the days pass. This is a daily accumulative practice with benefits arriving in due time.



Thoughts will cascade in at a furious rate, this is part of your practice, training the mind and breath to go slow and empty of thought. The mind wants to go fast and handle complex cognition. We want it to go slow, be empty and focused like a laser.






Yes, getting people to take action seems impossible for many. Suffering or being a victim traps many on this path. If we dissociate into our trauma thoughts, symptoms become stronger and we freeze into dysfunctional behavior. We live and defend our victimhood.



If we are trying to help others, understand only a small percentage of people are going to take action, try to change. Our work is helping the ones who will take action. Our job is not to judge the ones who find it impossible.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I like what you said “Feel the curve of the pauses, the flow of the breath like a sheet of music, a slow, timed performance.” Maybe tuning in my other senses will help quiet the mind chatter. I’ve got a sensitive sense of smell, maybe I could include some pleasant smells into my routine. Do you have any experience with that?

    Browsing the internet is usually how I distract myself from difficult thoughts. Plagued (or maybe blessed) by recent internet outages, I’ve been trying your breathing techniques instead, and I think it’s helping. Thank you for addressing my comment in detail. You’re very kind.

  2. Posted by chickenlittle2017 on May 13, 2018 at 3:31 pm


  3. Yes I have experience with smells, sound and sight. Use all the senses you can. Listen intently. Pick up the lowest decibel sound in the room, focus, then go below it. Search for your heartbeat, search for the sound of your inhale, exhale.

    Listen inside your ears towards your mind, their is a symphony playing for you.

    With eyes closed what do you see. Darkness, white light, colors?

    Feel the cool air inside your nostrils, it is cooler than the exhale. Does it tickle your nose hairs. Be with it and feel how it flows.

    We are balancing the body and mind using breath and senses.

    We are training the mind to go slow, empty of thought.

    The ego loses control when we focus like this.

    Happiness or in er peace are found down this path later on.

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