Affirmations change self image


In this moment right now, I approve of me. I am a kind, giving soul, helping others.

A little more involved: In this moment right now, I strive to approve of  me, the perfect and imperfect, the exciting and mundane, the good and bad. I strive with all my might to let go of judgment and thought, to embrace this present moment entirely.


Repeat this affirmation out loud as it engages more areas of the mind.


Record multiple affirmations for playback during the day and before bed.


Remember the mind responds best to simple, concrete and immediate tasks best.


Sit in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye as you repeat your affirmation out loud.


I thought my affirmation was a lie at first, I felt I was talking to a stranger, me!


Within a month things had begun to change.


Things will arrive organically, through the body not in words or thought.


Self image, self-worth is a vital condition in our pursuit of happiness.

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  1. Posted by Paging Mrs Zen on October 25, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    I’ve been skeptical of affirmations until recently. Struggling with an issue and applying mindfulness, every time I found myself going to ‘war’ in my mind I would repeat to myself “The past is over. It has no power over you unless you invite it. Return to the present. Only now exists.” And it really helped. I’d catch myself not being present literally 50 times a day and I’d say that mantra each time and return to the Now. It really helped me.

  2. All this seems mundane, another hyped up miracle cure, but the complex mind is trained by these simple skills practiced daily.

    Try adjusting your affirmation to an action

    I strive with total focus to stay in the present moment.

    That awareness itself catching yourself dissociating 50 times a day

    Soon habit will be a positive behavior

  3. I find that affirmations help me a lot. The only trouble is that I have trouble doing them for any length of time without just forgetting or becoming lazy about it lol. I assume the times I do put energy towards it help in the long run though.

  4. Me too. I teach it and forget also. I record my affirmation 10 times and play it on a loop on the way back from hiking.

    Play it in the shower as background wake up music.

    When a negative thought or emotion arrives substitute your affirmation

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