Mindfulness can be the simplest practice imaginable

Meditation has many connotations, a mysterious religion practiced by monks in a dark cave or a crazy cult.


Take away all the robes, all the lineage, all the rules and all the abstract sayings, what is left?



Amazing simplicity.



You do not need to meditate to benefit from mindfulness. However, I highly recommend meditation for its ability to build incredible focus.



Remember Karen Stone-McCown said: “What is most important is for each of us to learn that we create our own emotions.

Our responses are shaped by our thoughts—by what we tell ourselves.”



Mindfulness then is about observing this present moment empty of thought, then moving on to the next moment unencumbered.



Our emotions will be predominately positive and enjoyable.



Mindfulness ignores the noise, the 60,000 thoughts bombarding us daily.



Thoughts program our mind, then create emotions.



Why depend on thoughts to ruin (run) our life.

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