Emotions: part three, 3!

How do we navigate our emotions? Since emotions are connected to thought, we have to become aware of their impact.


Negative emotions spring from dissociative negative thought (thinking, imagining, predicting about their impact in past and future).


We want to encourage, invest in positive thought, worthiness, thus cultivating positive emotions.


A thought is grasped, memory is searched and feelings are generated around that thought. Let’s say guilt shows up. Our goal is to feel the guilt fully, then release it. Emotions die very quickly without constant attention.



Another thought is grasped and a warm sensation envelopes you. You feel joyful, approved of. Now we grasp this emotion and give it attention. In due time it will fade as life moves on.



Our mistake is trying to hard to extend a pleasure. This emotion will turn to frustration when it starts to fade.  If we feel loss we are in trouble.



 Look at our opioid epidemic.



We want to numb our pain and crave the next fix. Irrational as hell, but it is an epidemic.



American psychology touts the importance of emotions while the Buddhist do not think they deserve mention.



Be smart and enjoy your positive emotions. Never entertain worry or guilt, they are past tense emotions. For most of us, guilt is created by our erroneous, unworthy judgments.



Worry damages our chances at success and throws jet fuel on our unworthiness.



Explore your emotions. Play with them. Try holding two opposite emotions at the same time.



Can you be angry and joyful simultaneously. Can you feel angry then replace it with joyful emotions.



If you practice you can! What stands in our way is change and taking action.

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