Emotions part 2, two!

Neuroscience with the help of functional MRI’s tell us our positive, joyful emotions are located in the left prefrontal cortex.



This region lights up brightest during deep focus, as in meditation. We let thoughts fade and enter our creative, thoughtless, right hemisphere.



That means our emotions are most positive when we are not thinking.



How can that be. I always thought, the mind’s ability to think, solve problems, was the greatest, largest function of the mind. Not even close.



The mind’s creative side is enormous, maybe toward infinity. This side is the Pacific Ocean, the cognitive side, a beach ball floating in that vast ocean.



Explore your emotions today. Bring awareness to the next emotion.



What thought is connected to it. Can you think of a joyful thought. Does an emotion come attached.



Now think of someone who has wronged you. Any emotion attached to it?



Happy hunting.

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