A new epidemic of suicides has arisen, middle-aged men who are lonely.


Men have always identified with their jobs, attached self-worth into the equation. I still tell people I was a professional baseball player, when I am much closer to the grave than playing ball again.


Our “Ego” is the culprit. Look at these three lives, extraordinary response to isolation, suffering and pain.


Nelson Mandela spent two decades isolated in a prison cell, Viktor Frankl survived a concentration camp, Mother Theresa sacrificed in a leper colony.


Mandela brought a divided, racist nation together, Viktor wrote the “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Mother Theresa comforted lepers for decades. The human spirit is capable of superhuman behavior.


Loneliness fades when a great purpose is discovered.


Action is stronger than lonely thoughts.


Gratitude and giving are two essential elements connected with happiness, actions that destroy loneliness.


Grasping at lonely thoughts can lead to suicide.


Letting those lonely thoughts fade extinguishes their venom.


Check out all the judgments around your loneliness.

One response to this post.

  1. Do we judge that loneliness is horrible? Thinking we will never experience loneliness or that it is harmful may be an erroneous judgment.

    Private time, spent alone is much needed at times. Maybe we need to know how to exist and find some satisfaction when loneliness arrives.

    Thinking something is wrong or we are unworthy comes forth from the well of loneliness.

    Being isolated, sedentary, leads to suffering. Add alcohol, drugs or bad health and suicide chances double.

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