Thoughts about Thoughts

The mind is capable of complex equations, incredible abstract thought, hosting a crescendo of mercurial emotions, or simple intense focus.



One side houses our cognitive functions, our judgment center, our identity (Ego) and where we fit in with other “Egos”. This side exists in the past, some present and the future. Our self talk and self-image are developed on this side (judgments).



The other side is expansive, creative and only knows this present moment. This side does not think but observes intently. It is void of words, sentences, judgments, right or wrong or good or bad. We are all perfect, worthy and have enormous opportunity on this side.



Meditation/Mindfulness attempts to access this creative side while focusing intently on the breath. We practice letting go of thought, our cognitive engine. We stay present and observe, not think for periods of time.



60,000 thoughts on average cross our path daily. This means the temptation to constantly think and travel into the past or future becomes dominant.



Retraining the mind takes daily practice and constant vigilance.

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