Choiceless Awareness from “The Need to Please”


“In developing mindfulness, we start with practices that have a laser-like focus, such as Mindfulness of the Breath. These directed meditations help us build concentration and steadiness of attention.


Over time, the focus expands to include more of our present-moment experience.


Eventually, we drop any particular focus of attention and, with the breath as an anchor, watch the flow of our experience, holding it all in kind, independent awareness.


This type of meditation is known as choiceless awareness.


The practice of choiceless awareness beckons us to be completely open to whatever experience presents itself: thoughts, feelings, sounds, or sensations.



We simply rest in awareness of these experiences, not choosing, fighting, or encouraging anything in particular as the object of awareness.



You might think of choiceless awareness as simply being present with yourself. With practice, you can watch experiences come and go much like bubbles that float into your awareness and then drift away or pop.



Mindfulness practice helps us experience that our awareness is separate from the objects of our awareness.”

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