Who is the Thinker?



Our “Ego” identifies with the Thinker, the one who thinks. I discovered while meditating, my Thinker would recede as an ever present Observer emerged.


This was a strange place at first, then after exploring, I found life had an expansive, brilliant side. Time dissolved, worries vanished, an inner peaceful feeling enveloped me.


This Observer had connections to worthiness, to opportunity, and to happiness. I felt more creative, free and worthy.


This worthy feeling was unfamiliar. What had I touched in my inner world?



My true self, just like your true self, perfect with an imperfect shell (body).


This Observer needs no approval, does not know of the existence of the past or future. He/She observes the world with wonderment and enthusiasm.



He/She has enormous gratitude for life and invests in giving without regard for reward.



He/She, as Observer, can find happiness in stressful times.



The Thinker suffers in stressful times. Thinking leads us into the past and future.



Happiness only exists in one time zone, this present moment.



You cannot be happy in the past or future. Why go there?

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