More Write it down on paper

First we worked on writing down our worries, fears and triggers, now let us write down our intention.



I want to heal or I want inner peace. I desire to increase my wellbeing or I want freedom from depression, anxiety or PTSD.



Write it down, say it out loud and let it percolate inside.



Does a particular emotion appear or a strong body sensation with this proclamation.
Enlist all parts of the mind, thinking, writing, repeating your intention outloud and listening to your recording of “I want freedom from PTSD.”


Hopefully an awareness of the journey ahead appears.



What actions are required for me to heal, improve.



Must be concrete, immediate and repeatable for a big change to any deep seated habit.



What tools or skills are needed for a daily action plan.



Our goal is to practice everyday and let results happen on their own.



The act of trying, taking responsibility alone changes brain chemistry.



The second we try to improve we move from victim to survivor.


We need not win to be happy, just keep trying without losing our enthusiasm.

One response to this post.

  1. Things, thoughts can grow to enormous size inside our mind. If they have a trauma origin, these thoughts are distorted as is time.

    Thoughts, fears or worries become smaller, more finite when we write them down.

    First step is alwYs awareness.

    Writing them down brings us that awareness

    Good journey

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