Our Blind Force: “DESIRE”


“Everyone would agree that desire is natural and plays an essential role in helping us to realize our aspirations.


But desire is only a blind force that in itself is neither helpful nor harmful.”

Matthew Ricard
My two cents: We have erroneously judged many things to contain happiness, that only offer momentary pleasure or avoidance of blame.


We think praise from others contains happiness! We think criticism damages our soul.



Neither has anything to do with happiness. External stimuli does not decide our wellbeing.


Nothing external can reach our spirit, our soul.



Victor Frankl came out of Auschwitz and wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning.”


The human spirit, our soul can find meaning in the worst of conditions.


The human spirit can also find suffering in the best of conditions.



It is our choice to find purpose and meaning out of the only life we have.

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