A little Trivia today!


“ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY, LÁSZLÓ BÍRÓ, THE INVENTOR OF THE FIRST COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL BALLPOINT PEN, WAS BORN: Journalists aren’t usually great inventors, but the Hungarian-born Bíró was an exception.


He noticed that the ink used on newsprint dried quickly and smudge-free, so he started working on pen that could use that ink. He patented an early design for a ballpoint pen in Paris in 1938.


As Nazism enveloped Europe, Bíró, who was Jewish, made his way to Argentina. While there, he filed another patent, this time in the United States, in the name of Bíró Pens of Argentina.


The invention caught the attention of F.G. Miles, who secured a lilcense to manufacture the pens for the Royal Air Force. The pens were economical and, unlike fountain pens, could write upside down.


After the war, Marcel Bich bought the patent. For the purpose of marketing the pen, Bich shortened his name to “Bic” so that it wouldn’t be confused by English speakers with you-know-what.


Bíró’s birthday is celebrated as Inventors’ Day in Argentina.”

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