Distracted: hard to concentrate or meditate



In-group yesterday, an issue with noise interrupting someone’s focus was explored. The noise, as simple as the refrigerator kicking on, disrupted his ability to meditate.



First, I recommended writing down the thoughts and judgments that arrive when sound interrupts meditation practice. Many feelings are below the surface and need examined.



Healing and taking responsibility can be a daunting choice. It could be an all out war with our “Ego” for control.



Is there a body sensation that is connected to your upset? If yes, explore this inner world reaction. Bring the breath to the body sensation and focus intently. Breathe, not judge, observe!



Observe, not judge. Get to know your inner world. There is going to be resistance, expect it as a challenge.



Next, use short duration sits, two minutes in length. It is easier to develop our focus working from a few breaths then expanding.



Work on letting the judgements around meditating and noise go.



Be grateful you have an awareness of the issue and are taking action to build focus.



The “Ego” is going to resist this change in many different ways.



He/She wants control, that means stopping your mindfulness practice.



It does not matter if we are dissociated into to trauma thought or pleasurable thought. Both leave this moment and empower the “Ego”.



Search out your resistance and accept the challenge.

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