Giving: a powerful action, a life changing act if repeated.

In the previous post, “Performing Acts of Kindness Can Reduce Depression in Disagreeable People”, giving changed their attitude.


Loving Kindness practice, like repeating phrases, “May you be happy” or “May you be safe” did not impact these disagreeable people as much.


Giving is an action, and in this case action influences change.



Action is closer to life, sedentary closer to death.


Takes action to change, to heal, to live fully.


Repetitive action can change habit or the impact of a disorder.


Take daily action, challenge the man/woman in the mirror.


Pay attention to your inner world, a place where you have influence.


Happiness depends on the internal condition, not external circumstances.


When we give without concern for reward, the “Ego” recedes into the background.


We need to feel the contrast between when the “Ego” recedes and being totally present, empty of thought, worry and fear.

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