Narrow your focus.

Steve Largent was a wide receiver for the new expansion team, the Seattle Seahawks back in the 1970’s. He was slow and  undersized, a long shot to even make an NFL rooster.



His philosophy of catching a football was different. Everyone says watch the ball into your hands. He narrowed the focus to watching the tip of the ball, a much smaller focus.



He was inducted into the NFL hall of fame and ranked the second best Seattle Seahawk ever. A mans focus and heart are hidden in all types of bodies and skill sets.



My two cents: Our breath goes unnoticed until we get sick or we focus on our breathing. Breathing is taken for granted, unnoticed, almost invisible to us.


The breath has four parts to one cycle, inhale, a pause, an exhale followed by another pause.


To explore deeper, feel the temperature difference of the inhales and exhales. One is much cooler.


Notice the different sounds an inhale and exhale make.



Can you notice when the inhale stops and the pause begins, or when the pause ends and the exhale starts. That transition point has been described as a door to the other side.



Can you feel the calm that follows slowing of the breath. It is the parasympathetic nervous system kicking in, our brakes.


The breath slows, our nervous system calms.



Look closer, the breath controls the nervous system.



We take our most immediate need, oxygen for granted.

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