Parental Alienation: What It Is And How Narcissists Use It To Destroy Their Ex-Partner and Children

This is disturbing.

The Online Therapist

Parental_Alienation_-_The_Detroit_Jewish_NewsWhen divorce and separation occurs and children are involved, it is generally traumatic for all concerned. One aspect of this is that two people who used to be in a relationship have to co-parent as ex-partners.  Awkward and uncomfortable as this might be, some find a way for it to work because they put the children’s needs first and realise that the children have a right to see both parents. However, some try to turn ex-partners into ex-parents by alienating their ex partner from the children in a process called “Parental Alienation”. Worse still, when a narcissist is involved in the process, it can be one of the evil tools used to destroy not only the ex-partner but the children as well. This is child abuse of the highest order. Jennifer Harman, a researching social psychologist, associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University sums it up:

“Parental alienation involves…

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