updated:_____ this is old but helpful….Breathing Track Basics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Great video! Good job Alex 🙂 (LOL @ reviews at 10!!!)
    I like that you mention about listening lower and lower for your breath, helps my focus.
    It is easy to hear you Marty, but hard to hear Alex….
    But excellent, a great help!

  2. Posted by monica on March 1, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    just watched it…totally helpful. I like the way alex traced it with his finger. I now understand the track. I also followed along with alex. My question is when u get to both transitions..am i holding my breathe and pausing…its a few seconds..
    You had nice natural sound effects in the background of birds…very relaxing. Beats the sound effects of the snow plows trying to clean up the snow from the storm we just had…
    but i must say…the falling snow is very peaceful and relaxing to watch .White everywhere.

    thanks both of you for making this video. Looking forward to more productions.

  3. Ok, this was not Paramount, those brds were outside, not part of this production but we appreciate ther help. Sometimes Ido play some meditative music down low wth bells or chimes.

    Ok the transitions. This is my model, first up, not set in stone. Alex adapted histamine figure eight with the bottom part of the eight a little bigger because e accentuates his stomach dropping. So he does have a relationship with each other.

    The goal is to reach a stage of emptiness without thought for periods short in the beginning but longer after a while.

    So with that said, we do not stop at the turn, the pause is or pauses are made at a flow ad can be slower or quicker than the inhale/exhale part of the model.

    You can change the transition and wll change and be shallower the longer you sit. We are doing something simple with high repetition to ingraine and make it habit. The great ting is the mind, body, breath are attracted to this specific model.

    I think it balances the whole body with a pace and balance that lets the body relax deeper and the mind follow. Thoughts have a harder time getting in. Then after a while even if thoughts are present the breathing track has you close.

    Think,of it this way. We are playing racquetball. Look how hard it would be to practice in an open field. I could give you a ball and a racquet but without the court things get lost.

    So round the transitions and enjoy. There is no right or wrong you are exploring your own inner world.

    Relax you are healing, enjoy the journey and surrender to it and heal quicker.

    We are headed for triggers with this model because trauma can not exist with pressure and focus.

  4. Ok to clarify, when you are in the transitions you are either holding in the breath at the top of the inhale or at the end of the exhale, we hold the transition to balance the breath.

    So while in the transitions nothing but silence is happening. With each exhale see if you can listen to say the birds and then beneath that decibel level.

    So hopefully you see that at the top of the inhale, we hold the breath to allow the oxygen to be absorbed, so that whole transition we are holding our breath.

    Then at the end of the exhale we hold not breathing to match the flow and speed in the first transition. We are making the complete breath cycle have balance and flow.

    It is a feeling not any cognitive stop watch thing. Work with this and surrender to just effort. Keep practicing.

  5. Great point about the transitions Marty… this helps me immensely to become more centered, present and calm. I slowly and gently pause at each transition of inhale to exhale, picturing the track in my mind, a slow decent or incline… and listen for silence, my hearing gets better on the transitions as well.

    And of course my ‘left brain’ love the reason to pause is absorb the oxygen. 🙂

    Also – doing this simple excersise is great practice of acceptance and surrender. My brain in the beginning tried to get stuck in the how, am I doing it right, pausing long enough, breathing slow enough etc… there is not right / wrong. Just effort. try.
    This will carry acceptance and surrender into many other aspects / parts of your life… It is astounding.

  6. I am nominating Alex for a Grammy!

  7. Posted by willa on March 2, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    really really nicely done. beautiful setting. sunlight streaming. marvelous. peaceful. at one point alex your hand lit up while you were teaching. precious wonderful teaching. thank you guys for doing and sharing and being. peace.

  8. Posted by willa on March 2, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    i don’t know anything about creating videos online but is there any way to have this teaching without the “jolt” of the pictures that follow after? can this one be like the other breathing track teachings that you have with the arrowhead thing in the center to activate the video, but when it’s over you’re still in your blog – not “faced” with other (perhaps incongruent) offsite blog choices?

  9. Willa, that is u tube but, Alex has come up with a solution.

    The video so 7:53 long

    Stop watching at 7:40

    No visuals and I will wait and announce to you, from now on, if I remember Willa to stop watching and give it some ten seconds or so before I stop filming.

    Hey you ask we deliver.

    Alex is willing to stay up night and help anyone who wants a movie on PTSD.

    I will tell Alex, tomorrow he volunteered for this gratuitous sacrifice.

  10. Posted by willa on March 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    wow ~ ok ~ 7:40 … .thankyou!

  11. Thank you for sharing. This I can do, and it’s something I can do anywhere, any time.

  12. Exactly, practice and apply when you find yourself dissociated.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I always use this image,now, to guide me through my breathing exercises, it also keeps my mind from wandering, as I’m so focused on breathing by following direction of the image as shown in the video.

  14. Now add listening.

    Track the lowest sound in the room. Meow go beneath that decibel level.

    Quiet your being with the breath, elongating a complete breath cycle to 10 seconds plus.

    Inhale three seconds, pause two seconds, exhale the
    Re seconds, pause two seconds.

    Now listen for the inhale. Mid you quiet enough and focus, you will hear your inhale.

    Combine these two present moment takes and thoughts will have a much greater task of directing us.

  15. Posted by Paging Mrs Zen on September 16, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Thank you! Great to hear your voice Marty!!

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