Symptoms of Complex PTSD


By Matthew Tull, PhD:


“Emotion Regulation Problems: People with Complex PTSD experience difficulties managing their emotions. They may experience severe depression, thoughts of suicide, or have difficulties controlling their anger.


Changes in Consciousness: Following exposure to a chronic traumatic event, a person may repress memories of the traumatic event, experience flashbacks, or experience dissociation.


Changes in How a Person Views Themselves: Symptoms in this category include feelings of helplessness, shame, guilt, or feeling detached and different from others.


Changes in How the Victim Views the Perpetrator: A person with Complex PTSD may feel like he has no power over a perpetrator (the perpetrator has complete power in a relationship). In Complex PTSD, people might also become preoccupied with their relationship with a perpetrator (for example, constant thoughts of wanting revenge).



Changes in Personal Relationships: These symptoms include problems with relationships, such as isolating oneself or being distrusting of others.



Changes in How One Views the World:   People exposed to chronic or repeated traumatic events may also lose faith in humanity or have a sense of hopelessness about the future.”

My two cents:    Changes in How one views the world and themselves ring true for me!




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