Practical Shit for survival

Consider we have 60,000 thoughts a day on average. In fact during waking hours, that is more than one every second.



So in the last minute, 60 thoughts arrived. We have no clue what most of them are. Some or maybe all are conjecture, worthless, unimportant, distant, or imaginary.


Maybe most thoughts are an unattended mind process that has nothing to do with living fully, being happy, or having a healthy mind!


Amazing if we could see these thoughts are bullshit.


Why do we pick certain ones, negative or unworthy ones so often. If something stressful happens, a failure at work or a big loss, that old tape of not good enough, that unworthy ego dominates.


We do have choices.


We can focus on our breath, slowing the mind down, allowing us to let go and be present.



It takes less than 10 focused, elongated breaths to come back to here and now, empty, open, safe.


What holds you back from taking action.


Words and thoughts heal nothing.

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