Being vulnerable is not easy!

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Being vulnerable was extremely difficult for me. My entire childhood was filled with violence, criticism and pressure to be perfect.


We are captives as children to our first caregivers. We do not get to choose kind, normal parents.


I learned the ability to be vulnerable from my mindfulness practice, my path to healing.


This ability helped me face my triggers and integrate my trauma.


I improved and wrestled my life back, but going forward, being vulnerable was still a challenge. Doubt, worry and fear have a deep imprint.


Abused children do not believe everything will turn out alright.


We have history of our nightmarish upbringing, which turned out horribly. No one came to our rescue and we suffered.


Now my freedom and happiness depend on my ability to surrender to my fears, to be vulnerable in the face of my fear.



This can be challenging at times.

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