Thoughts and Thinking and Judging: Part two


Let’s think about our thoughts. Thought or thinking is a very small part of the mind’s capability.


Imagine our cognitive engine, our left hemisphere, is represented by a beach ball. Our right hemisphere, our expansive, unlimited side is the Pacific Ocean.



We all have heard, we are not our thoughts. It is so true. If 60,000 thoughts cross our path daily, why would one thought be more important than the other 59,999.



Thoughts are like air, transparent, non-existent unless we give attention or action to them.



Common sense tells us that a new thought every second is impossible to handle.


Again why do we give certain thoughts extra power?



Default mode repeats certain thoughts over and over. These unworthy thoughts gain power and influence.


If we have depression, PTSD, anxiety or other disorders, ruminating thought destroys our life.



We need much, much, much, much, much less thought.



Spend more time empty of thought, present, enjoying life a different, healthier way.

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