Circle of concern/Circle of influence: PTSD edition!


*   Circle of concern: With PTSD our concerns are “Ego” centric (default mode), dissociated thought. Dissociated because we leave this moment to engage our trigger concerns.


We open up the can of worms called “What If’s”. Anytime spent dissociating fuels PTSD. Cognitive thought will only do harm.


We will not think our way out of PTSD but dig a much deeper anxious hole for ourselves.


Circle of Concern also fuels doubt, worry and anxiety when we look at going out, participating in life, or living a normal existence. We see all the things that could go wrong.


Circle of Concern is a very negative place. For a PTSDer, this practice sentences us to a life of suffering.


We can dissociate so much we can never heal.



Circle of Influence: This space is more present moment. We can bring courage and action to our PTSD using the circle of influence.


That courage is not cognitively driven. That courage is different.


When I faced my most frightening triggers, most frightening suffering, the courage needed was for being vulnerable.

Yes, in the midst of terror, the fight of flight mechanism exploding, doing nothing but accepting without running, is not easy.


This kind of courage has nothing to do with cognition, intelligence or thought.


Take a look at that diagram and evaluate where you spend your time with PTSD!

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