The ratio of positive to negative emotions


“Losada line”:

“The ratio of positive to negative emotions that fosters flourishing, learning, optimism, and even overcoming various negative physiological factors that accompany negative emotions, is effectively 2.93, or three positive emotions for every negative one.”
My two cents: This article speaks about the importance of micromoments, or opportunities for happiness.


Therefore our gratitude practice needs to live moment to moment, merged with keen awareness moment to moment.


Also, we need to limit the duration of negative emotions. If we are sad, anxious, resentful, jealous, angry or depressed, happiness is impossible.


Now, we can see happiness is about awareness of micromoments, a focused path of acceptance and giving.



In a way we trade those negative emotions by letting them fade, followed by focus on this present moment or small micromoment without judgment.


It seems a simple equation but very difficult to live everyday.


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