Speaking of negative Emotions,


Image credits: Michael Nichols

Speaking of Negative Emotions : Anger, Sadness, Resentment, Depression, shame, Guilt, Anxiety, Rage, Fear and Loneliness!


These negative emotions are part of our personality, part of our warning system, part of our call to action.  



Yes, a call to action.  If anger, anxiety or depression occupies more than a few hours, we need to change.



Anger supports me in preparation for a lethal threat. It helps deploy our fight or flight mechanism. It works best when used very sparingly.



We need not annihilate anger, just understand him/her as a friend.



We all know people who are perpetually angry. Anger’s companion is suffering, it can dominate a life, destroy all relationships near it.



How do we gain a happy medium. Simple, not easy!



We learn to be in observer mode, that is focused on the breath with the mind empty.


We build some space between the thought of being angry and the action we take.


It is a choice to engage anger or let it be. The choice disappears when we attach judgment and thought to anger. It owns us at that point.


So much power hides in our ability to choose, to let thought, judgment and emotion fade.


We need not do anything but stay focused and present.



That anger or loneliness is fueled by emotional thought.



Think you’re lonely and desperate and it will be your destiny.



Let it fade for this moment and life changes.

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