Feeling an Emotion fully!


Current wisdom recommends feeling an emotion fully, rather than avoid or dissociate.



Feeling an emotion does not mean adding thought or judgment.



No one thought or judgment owns an emotion. We can have many different thoughts and judgments connected to one emotion.



By feeling an emotion as an observer, we can become friends with them.



Sadness is not that massive without the thoughts and judgments attached to it. No reason to entertain sadness but for brief moments.



An alternate choice is available, choose what your eyes see right now, fully.



One emotion leads directly to the nervous system.



Intense fear activates the adrenal stress response, our fight or flight mechanism.



It is that extreme tightness in the chest with elevated BP, respiration, and heart rate, accompanied by the powerful drugs cortisol and adrenaline.



If we can tolerate staying present, feeling our fear without thought or judgment attached, integration and healing happen.



If we become friends with this mechanism, many things adjust.



If you have PTSD or an anxiety disorder, the fight or flight mechanisms scary parts are gone. No reason to avoid, run or fear.



Life changes when we can experience anxiety without reacting. Being able to not attach judgments on anxious feelings frees us.



The result is that emotions fade quickly. They can be fleeting, ephemeral and transparent when unattached.



Focusing intently on the breath, letting thoughts fade, enables us to befriend our fight or flight mechanism.



Negative thoughts and emotions are a destructive menace.



Learn to let thoughts go and keep emotions in perspective.

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