Anything that happens in the body happens in the mind



From “Perfect Breathing” 

“Ryan Niemiec, a psychologist and behavioral consultant with the Primary Care and Prevention Center at SLUCare in St. Louis, observes that, “It’s artificial to say there’s a separation. 


Anything that happens in the body happens in the mind, and anything that happens in the mind happens in the body. 


Emotions and health are critically connected on every level.” 


Niemiec adds, “Emotions can cause physical illness, make it worse, or they can maintain an illness—keep it from (improving) because the person is stuck in some emotion. 


Or they can aid in recovery.” 


Medical science is finally taking notice and beginning to assess the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of patients, and as science digs deeper and deeper into the connection between these four dimensions of our health, there is again that consistent thread of which we’ve spoken so often and emphatically—the breath. 


Conscious breathing practice has been shown to accelerate the healing process. 


Some surgeons have begun to teach it to their patients before surgery to reduce complications. 


Psychologists are being enlisted to treat the mental and emotional health of patients who previously would have been treated with purely allopathic methods. 




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